Site/CMS Info

Since CMSimple_XH 1.7 the template function <?php echo poweredbylink()?> is available. The function creates a link to the automatically generated page "Site/CMS Info" and is meant to replace the usual "Powered by CMSimple_XH" link.

The link text is "Site/CMS Info" which can be changed by <?php echo poweredbylink('alternative text')?>

Text at the beginning of the generated "Site/CMS Info" page can be entered via a hidden news box page named "Site/CMS Info".

Template designers

All the templates in the templates folder of a site are listed in the generated "Site/CMS Info" page. You can give a free description of your template together with your designer's link in the file "templateinfo.htm" in your template. Only <a> and <br> tags are allowed and the length must not be greater than 400 UTF-8 characters.


Except standard plugins all plugins of a site that come with version.nfo file will be listed with a link on the "Site/CMS Info" page.